Hi my 16mo bites but it's not out of retaliation..i guess she finds it fun like playing cos I noticed she likes to bite us when we r on bed (She also likes to bite the beddings) But more concern that she bites her friends in infant care !! & I noticed she bites when she's trying to be friendly. We have already told her off time and again including the teachers..she understands what I am telling her and nods her head but she still do it. Anyone have similar experience? Will she really grow out of it one day? I'm so worried she become used to it. I felt so sorry for the babies in infant care:(

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Toddlers are very forgetful. They need to be reminded very frequently, u can try reminding her Everyday b4 she enters her ifc... ( though it is still not enough) Teach her there are other ways of being friendly.

They will grow out of it. Meanwhile be firm and keep reminding her. She may forget. They tend to forget easily. I always say toddlers have the memory of a goldfish

I would try to reach her another way to express herself with others. Such as shaking hands or maybe waving.

6y ago

Yes she do hug and kiss..but later she will bite....i noticed she kiss and then bite :(