Hi all, I have a four-month old boy who is currently having trouble sleeping in his cot. I'm aware of the dangers of co-sleeping and would like for him to transition smoothly to sleeping in his own bed. So far we tried white noise and pitch dark room and it worked for a while. Also because I latch on demand, and for my own sanity I lay down and feed him in the middle of the night while I try to get some sleep. Could that also be another factor that's making it difficult for him to sleep in his own cot? For now it seems like co-sleeping is our best bet because we get the most amount of rest out of it, but baby us growing bigger and we're squeezing in a queen sized bed. Hubby and I are both having aches in the morning from being confined to very limited space. Any advice?

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I had exactly the same issue, my boy is now 4 months too: Here is our routine: He sleeps around 9 on our bed and I will transfer him to his cot. I try to catch some eye-shut too and wakes up around 1am to pump (I now pump and bottle feed) and gives him his dream feed when he is sleepy or sleeping. Around 3-4am when he usually "wakes up" and lets out a whine, I will give a pacifier. Often, he will settle down fast and wake up around 5-6am for next feed. However, on days that he is so sober and whining non-stop, I will give in and bring him to the bed so all of us can catch some precious sleep. I will probably invest in bed guards when he can turn over. Heard many stories of babies falling over.

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We co sleep with our children when they were 4-5 mths. We had to buy another mattress for my hub to sleep below so he can sleep better. My children definitely sleep better when co sleep coz they feel secure n is easier to latch them. My boy slept through at 4 mths old while my gal slept through only at 14 mths. It will be tough if all sleep in queen size bed. Do consider changing to king size or add another mattress.

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It really is a challenge co-sleeping in a queen size bed. What my hubby and I do to have more space is that we sleep in a horizontal manner (though there is not enough space for the legs) then I sleep at the center so I can sleep beside both my baby and my husband. But eventually we will buy a king size bed then place the queen size bed in our baby's room :)

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Will suggest to sleep train as co-sleep is really tough on us parents. I co-sleep for 8 months, really affecting my sanity. Especially back to work. So now we are trying to train him, still trying but once he sleep, we put him into cot.