Currently my 3 month old is co-sleeping with me. How do I slowly change him to sleep on his cot? Also, he need to be hug then he will fall asleep. How do I teach him to sleep on his own?

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Like what other mummies have shared, you can probably start bedtime routines and getting him used to his own cot. I'll also like to share another point of view, on what's the reason behind you wanting him to sleep on his own? I'm not saying that one way is better than the other, but perhaps look at things from his perspective? He's still quite small, just imagine having spent 9 months bonding with you in a snug, comfortable and warm womb - and suddenly being brought into a big world with many noises, sounds, lights etc. Our child relies on us a lot because well, we're all they really can count on! I've been co-sleeping with my son since he was born, he's almost 2 years old now - and we both love the bonding we have :) He feels more secured sleeping with me, and he'll roll over to snuggle when he wakes up in the night.

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Have someone else put him to sleep for next few nights. He is now too attached to his routine of sleeping with u. So you need to have someone else start a whole new routine. Start first with a baby bath, then a massage and then hug and kiss and story time. Then put in cot, give milk. And stroke him till he is Asleep. Make some sushing noise. Let this be the new routine from now on.

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You can start with putting him on a separate cot in the same room. He needs assurance basically that you are around. Once he gets used to it, you can move him to a separate room but you have to continue the sleeping ritual with him. Bath, storytelling, milk, a good night kiss.

you can start trying to make him sleep on one side of the bed and then move to a baby coat on the same room and gradually move out of the room. Try to give him a squishy pillow to hug.