Hi, anyone has recommendation of nanny service that i can engage? Which one would you choose infant care vs nanny? Planning to send my girl to either one when she turn 4 mo..thanks!

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My father is my girl's main caregiver. My next alternative would be infant care as opposed to a nanny. This is because they have more activities in infantcare and babies get to interact with same aged peers as compared to at a nanny's place. In addition, infantcare teachers are trained in early childhood education and know how to stimulate the infant's senses and let them learn more.

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Definitely infant care for me. Not only because of tbe finances. But also because i feel that baby should be in a conducive environment together with other babies. I like the routine as well. They have more activities and everything is catered specifically for them. Hands doen infant care for me.

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2y ago

Can you share the details of the care centre with us?

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From our calculation, nanny service is more costly than infant care. We are spending over $2k a month on nanny service. But out nanny comes over to our place and it's definitely much more convenient and conducive for our family. :)

Can anyone share / recommend a nanny service / infant care?

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I chose infant care for my LO :)