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Heloo Mumys. How to gaining weight? My weight spouse to be 56kg but now my weight Is only, 54kg. And now im 15weeks alrdy. Any Suggestions?

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dont worry about ur weight. by 2nd trimester u will have ur appetite and keep eating and always hungry 24/7 and weight gaining would be a problem. if im not mistaken u should only be gaining abt 500g a week or was it 500g a month..😅 wen i was 15weeks i didnt gain as much as i would but once 22weeks i gain 2kg in 1month and had to do a glucose test to check if i had diabetes. then on 25 week i gain 6kg in 1 month and had to do another glucose test..both was negative for diabetes and it was just me who keep eating alot.. so again. dont worry about ur long as u eat healthy its good enough

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4y ago

tqq anish 😊😊

my weight on off turun naik. if naik pun 0.5-1kg je.. dktr pun kata normal je berat tak naik sgt. yg penting kita dont skip meal, jgn rasa lapar and th sugar yg kita amik. if rasa ambil byk sugar in the morning, afternoon and evening/night, kurangkan. yg penting minum air mineral byk. so badan kita boleh process..

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okay tq mumy

that's normal for 1st trimester.. mine last time from 55kg drop to 50kg because of nausea..then slowly increase after 20weeks of pregnancy.. and currently im 8 months of pregnancy and my weight is 60kg.

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Hi mommy. Minum susu ya. Sy pun naik 6.5kg je 9 bulan pregnant, tp baby lahir 3.4kg tau. Kadang kita tak naik berat tp baby naik ok je. 😘

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tq mumy 😘

normal momie... hihihi.. berat sya masa 1st tri 48kg.. then masuk 2nd tri turun p 45kg.. then now 3rd tri naik p 52kg... 😊😊

4y ago

thanks mommy 😘

me also loss weight on my early pregnant,then i eat supplement and lots of fruit and vege