My 12 months old baby just suddenly refused to eat solids. We tried to let him self feed and different textures of food but he would not even open his mouth. Any suggestions please?

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Yes he is teething .. btw what solids do you commonly cook ..I have seen that if its not as mushy, he's willing to put it in his mouth so sometimes I steam his veg soft enough to gum, but not so soft til its mush

Some teething babies won’t eat – While it’s not as common, some babies start off eating baby food and then suddenly stop. A frequent cause of this is teething, and some babies teethe for a very. long. time.

Recently I tried this and it works for me and my boy. I take him to the playground and whilst he is in happy land I find that he is more receptive and cooperative when I feed him.

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go back to semi solids..may be he needs some time to acquire a taste for solids, also check with your pediatrician if there are any mouth sensory issues he might be facing.

Just take him to play ground, when he is more active he will feel like eating more or what is needed for his body.

Are u feeding him same food Everyday? Maybe he is getting bored with the food

Maybe he's teething?