18 months toddler refuse to eat

My 18 month old refuse to eat recently. Don’t know why. He is learning how to self feed with spoon but he just eat plain white rice. Fish and others he simply reject. Even if we manage to put into his mouth, he will spit it out. Anyone experienced this before and how to help baby get interested in food again? He also does not like to eat fruits and drink water. Recently he is having constipation. Not that we are not giving him anything to eat or drink but he simply refused. Now still having constipation. 😞

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It could be a phase Try the white rice and soup Else what I did was also to chop or grate everything up very finely and cook with the rice Adding stock as base for rice to cook Mine stuck with rice and soup for some months before changing. I have more veg and juices as well in forms of popsicle If still worried Try pediasure or acenda for awhile to make sure he is getting enough nutrients Maybe try make mealtime interesting or having meals together Normally they will be interested in what’s on my plate so I ended up “eating” what they are suppose to eat and that got their interest for awhile I also tried to decorate their meals slightly or change the menu about to include pasta, etc

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Thanks for the advice. We were quite lost and felt bad that we do not know what he want to eat. We will try your suggestions and see whether it works.