My 8 months old baby refuse to eat porridge. He likes eating fruits ( i guess because it is cold and more juicy) such as oranges , blueberries, apples, watermelon which are not mashed. And spoon-fed him banana and avocado ( he did not refuse ). i concerned about the amount of his meal so started to feed him porridge. He did not open his mouth but he opened his mouth if fed him yoghurt ( i guess it is beccause it is cold and a bit sour) well... i tried to put porridge in fridge a little while and fed him.. he opened his mouth for few feeds. anyone come across such scenario? any advice what should i do ?? thanks in advance.

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At 8 months old there may be a possibility that he is teething thus the choice for cold food. The coldness numbs his gums. Hard fruits allows him to gnaw the itchiness away. You can trying teething gel or cold teether to numb his gums then try to give warm food.

6y ago

yes , he is teething now.. how long should i wait after applying teething gel to eat ? thanks in advance.

Is he teething? Is teething he may reject warm food as he will find it more comfortable to have cold food

Try oats and millet for a different texture.