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Found out my husband was texting his colleague intimatedly 2.5 years ago, when we have our 1st born. After 1st confrontation, he admits that he likes her. I told myself, ok it might be an infactuation as he mentioned that i wasnt giving him enough attention. I told him to try to keep a distance . However, he did not . 1.5years ltr. Which is last year may, i realized that it wasnt just liking anymore, confronted him and he said thst he loves her. And at the same mth, i got pregnant with our 2nd child.. i was devasted , wanted to abort but i didnt. Did not go for divorce as well as i have no place to go if were to end the marriage... stayed on hoping that he will stop and change. With the first, i have been alrdy doing all thr chores myself, even for the child expenses with my own minimal salary.for the 2nd child,still thr same. Go for the checkup myself, chores im doing it myself..etc His lifestyle and whats he wants in life seemed to be different from me.. he used to be thrifty but now. He spend thousand of dollar on branded stuff despite knowinf that our house reno need the money and he wanted a nice reno*was quoted 40k for 3rm bto which we barely can affort. I just wanted a simple home, a shelter over my head . I dw to take up bank loan since we just have a new born. I felt like i cant live up to his standard or quality of life.. We went for marriage counselling but i dont dare to share my thoughts.. On march 2022, i given birth to my 2nd child. And during the confinement .i felt like its my wake up call to leave. During the confinement, i bought my own meals, bath the kids, send the older one to sch, brg my newborn to the clinic. He just stay home or goes to work. And with this, i dont know what am i suppose to do. im slowly distancing from him, felt less affected abt him . Sometimes, i just refused to talk to him.

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Okie, I’ll be honest with what I would do if I was in your shoe and this may not be right but just how I would do. 1. I will collect evidences of his infidelity and the minimal contribution to the family expenses and as a father role. 2. I will divorce for sure and sue him for infidelity or adultery and ask for the house and kids under my name. And alimony. 3. I will make sure his workplace, friends and family know about his relationship with his colleague and how fail he is and will be. 4. I will seek help from MP to help with monthly housing loan and other financial aid such as infant care and childcare subsidy since I will be the only one earning money and taking care of kids. You can also find MP lawyer help to draft letter. 5. Talk to me

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babe, please move on.. you & your babies deserve so so so much better.. may God bless you ❤️

Please leave him!