Have any of your husband suffered from depression? And always ranting it at home? My hub is a sales person and I Guess recently he is quite stress, I realize I have hard time communicating with with him as he always as his own thinking.. I don’t know how?

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My husband suffered depression after our wedding. He feel very sad. He feel his life were so meaningless. He ever think of suicide and that's make me scared. I brought him to SGH emergency and after that, refer to specialist. Doctor gave him sleeping pills cause he can't sleep well. He found himself had somebody talking to him. I had a hard time during that period. When I found that I was pregnant, I told him: you have to recover, if not, our kids will not have father. Slowly slowly. He did not work for 1 whole year. And also he had recovered from depression. You should bring him to doctor, if you suspect that he have depression.

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Best approach is seek professional help with him. See a psychiatrist before it gets worst. Just take the medications with open mind. If money isn't a major issue, try out hypnosis too.. sometimes people can get over depression on their own but sometimes they can't. Support from close ones with listening ears are really important.

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Hi, It looks like he is little worried and caught up in work thoughts. It is very normal and can happen for sales related roles. I would suggest please hear him out, let him talk and also discuss what are the ways to make him little relaxed. I am sure by communicating things will be better

Some can be the temperament but there are some that can be real depression. Take note if there are sudden changes like unable to sleep or sleep too much, not eating or overeating and a few more. If really things are not good have to see a doctor and talk about it.

Can try to do things out of norm. Go for a walk after dinner, even short vacation. You guys should be able to rely on each other. Good luck with everything!

Difficult to say it's depression. Some men are like that to begin with. Can't control temper or separate work from home.

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Communication is very important. Do try and talk to him, go for a good meal, movies anything . Take care!

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Sales job are stressful... maybe let him talk and you can just be the listening ear

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Hear him out. Try talking to him. Be supportive and good listener.

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Divert his mind. Do thing together which he enjoys.