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officially juzz moved in today. Bought house just 3 blocks aways from my parents . Mummy.. how wld u feel if u r shifting ur things n bringing ur baby ard 12am at husband is crazy...wen we reach hm at our new house..5month baby started crying loud...i talk to him very nicely to closed the window of the balcony n good...then he start to scold me that i m superticious la....if i m nt happy..can always go back my parent house...feeling so depressed. Hw wld u feel.

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I suspect it is that both of you are tired and patience is running low. Especially with the moving and a crying baby. Take deep breaths and try to stay calm mummy. Don't take what he said now to heart. If you suspect that he is not very happy with living so close to your family (at least that is what I think you are guessing), ask him about it another day, when you and your family is more settled and both are not feeling so tired. For now, just focus on settling down first and don't think too much ok? Sound like you have had a long night. Try and get some rest as soon as possible. *hugz*

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He's tired, you're tired and baby's tired. I'm sure he doesn't mean it and next time if such things bother you, and you know that your husband doesn't really care for such things, maybe you can just do these things by yourself? My partner thinks that all my superstitions are "stupid" and because of this, to keep the peace, I just do things on my own. For now, just get some rest and tomorrow will be a better day. I'm sure your husband will apologize tomorrow.

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I'm opposite of you, i always laugh at my hub for being superstitious! during the first month, our twins is adjusting to the outside world so they definitely cry every night for a period of time. his mum who is uneducated told him to take pomegranate leaf, dip into water & "spray" the water on them. "spray" for 1.5 months, cry for 1.5 months! end up i found the solution to zip their mouths which is latch them.

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I think both you and your hubby are tired and maybe stressed out with the transition, together with a young baby. don't let what he said get to you, though it's easier said than done. find another day when you are both in better mood, or even better, see if you can leave baby with your parents for about 2 hours, go have a dinner date with your hubby and I'm sure you two will have a great time!

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i will move back to my mum place for a short period . since he say so . im like this. so my hubby have never dare to challenge me anything. moreover the baby belongs to both of us. if baby is crying, closing windows wont kill hubby right . just try . no harm

It might because ur LO cannot take the smell of new house (like painting, tiner.. ) that why cry.. Don't wry too much.. And it's already so late, everyone is too tired already..

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I will let it pass and won’t take it to heart. I think everyone is just tired.

Both are tired ...besides it’s late.