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Have you encounter in laws that is obsessive towards your LO? I have a BIL who is super obsessive with my baby. He edited portraits of him and my baby together, posted it online and when his friends asked whose child is that, he responded saying that its his. When i asked him to stop doing that he just laughed it off and said its just a joke. I dont know to cry or laugh with his jokes ?

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Your LO is blessed to get so much attention! On the other hand it can be quite "scary" LOL. Just remember you're the mother so if you feel uncomfortable about certain things do talk it out with your in-laws(:

That is verrrrryyy weird and creepy. Get your husband to talk to him please. And never ever ever leave your baby alone with him. NEVER.

Hi, This is really weird. I think you should tell your husband to speak to his brother on this

I'll tell him to remove the pics...that i dont want my kid's photos being postedd onlinee...

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This is weird. I would ask him to remove those photos online. It’s your baby, not his.

Weird. Ask him to stop

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That's a bit over.

That is weird.