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Have anyone encounter 'nerves/veins' pain on wrist area durung last leg of pregnancy and pp? Im 11 days pp and had this wrist pain during the last trimester of preg and even up till now. During preg i ask gynae, he said it will go off after preg but im still having this wrist pain

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Yes I did encounter such pain. I used a wristguard to avoid further straining the area. It’s called mummy’s hand syndrome. Fortunately for me, it went away on it’s own. No medication required for me, just wristguard. Hope you feel better soon!

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It's a common symptom, I also had it and many of my pregnancy symptoms didn't go away until a month after giving birth. If it's causing you a lot of pain and discomfort you can go to GP for treatment

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Yes! Me! To the point I can't hold a pen! 😭 Now I'm 9 weeks pp and finally feel it is almost recovered. Went for tuina twice + 1 session of acupuncture at eu yan seng

3y ago

Aaah. Thanks much! Will try ❤

Hi, Best to check with your gynae on this. It happens due to water retention

Yes! Couod it be due to water retention? Can check with gynae

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Is it mummy’s wrist due to exertion?

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No. I didnt do anyy vigorous work. But had been having wrist pain up till cant hold a pen or carry baby properly.

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Best to consult your gynae ya

Quite common

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Yes it can be quite common