Pregnancy mood swings

Hi, has anyone experienced being irritable, discontented and angry before the due date of pregnancy? Any suggestions what to do about it? Thanku

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Hi mommy! normal lang po na nagkakaroon pa rin tayo ng mood swings kahit kabuwanan na natin pero dapat na lagi tayong kalmado dahil maaari pa lang maapektuhan ng mood swings ang baby natin. Mababasa mo yan dito pati ang payo kung paano natin mapapanatiling kalmado:

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I didn't feel irritable before due date. More like antsy because I wanted to give birth already. Whenever you're feeling cranky, just go ahead and do the things that make you happy. Like eat chocolate or watch your fave netflix show. Stay away from people, things and situations that trigger your bad mood.

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Yes it's the hormones! Also the mix of anxiety, excitement, fatigue, etc. Some things you can do are: - be productive by preparing for the baby - enjoy me time or go on a date with your partner - nap!!!! you will miss your sleep - go see friends & family since you'll be so busy with the baby real soon

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As far I as can remember, I was happy on my last month of pregnancy (which I was then expecting to be 2nd to the last month) - threw a baby shower, had boodle fight with my friends, binge-watched GOT. Haha! I basically did things that make me happy. Cos any [preggo] mom deserves that :)

yes. ganian din aq noon. the best is emotional support from your husband kasi buntis k sis. try to enjoy ur time hbng d p lumlbas c baby

I think samd tayo. Hehehe kawawa mga nasesermonan at napagbubuntungan ko sa bahay.

yes its normal ksi iritable n pkrmdam llo at ang bigat bigat ng tumny nteb

one month pregnant, are mood swings supposed to start this early?