no appetite to eat at 2nd trimester. is it safe?

Hi guys. During my first trimester, I ate every 2 hours to alleviate my nausea. I had lots of cravings and im blessed that most of my cravings were fixed. My appetite was great. But after 3 months of binging, now at 14 weeks, I'm beginning to hate food. The thought and sight of food makes me sick and nauseating. My hubby would force me to eat but I cannot even finish half the portion. I cant drink milk either. Is it safe for baby? Cuz I know we need to eat :/

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It normal. I'm at the same phrase as you.. First trimester ate a lot suddenly into early 2nd trimester no appetite. Just take small amount of food with frequent meal :)

Its ok. Dont force urself if you cant eat, this feeling will go off... drink fresh fruit juices, doup .. go for stuffs u can easily consume

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I puke with milk thru out my pregnancy. Try other flavour drinks althou it’s less healthy. But at least there’s fluid intake.

It's alright as your body is stored with nutrients for the baby, but as soon as you feel better take in good nutrition! :)

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Thanks for the assurance :)

Drink juice or smoothie.