Low Appetite since Trimester 3.

Hi Mummies. I am in Week 30. My appetite has bad since i got into 3rd trimester. No cravings, just sudden loss of interest towards food and eating. Nothing seems to hit my taste even my comfort food in earlier trimester or pre-preg. I will constantly feel hungry and dizzy but the thought of food, makes me nausea. Any advice how to boost up the appetite?

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You may want to have energy bar, oat milk, soy milk or anything refreshing and try to eat the food you like atleast a little. Dont skipped meals. I was previously advice the same with my first pregnancy.

6mo ago

Thank you for the nice suggestion. Will grab some energy bar to try. Hopefully it fit my taste.

Me too! I love to eat steak but not I can't even finish half of it. The thought of food and heartburn makes me lose my appetite...

6mo ago

Thank you for ur reply. Now i know i am not alone. Hahaha! Jiayo to us!! Take care mummy.