Is it normal for ftm to have no appetite in first trimester?

I’m a ftm but I do not have appetite nor cravings at all. I just eat for the sake of eating but I hv no food I really like. Is that normal? I’m experiencing nausea, too especially when taking my supplements.

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Every pregnancy would be different. Not everyone will have cravings neither appetite. But, as long as you eat healthily and nutritious food that's good. Also remember to have materna milk and have bread, biscuits, fruits, cereal if let say you dont feel like eating. You can also eat in small portion. To avoid nausea, you can eat sour plum once awhile. And yes it is totally normal for some mummies to have nausea when eating supplements.

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Same for me. About week 5-6 now and with poor appetite. The symptoms comes and goes, but most of the days they are present. I feel nauseated too. Hope it makes you feel better to know you’re not alone in this :) Do still hydrate yourself and ensure you eat for baby’s sake!

yes, i face food aversion and nausea especially when taking my supplements and duphaston :(