Week 13 day 1: important to force feed nutritious food?

my appetite has improved but still cannot eat a lot at a time. So overall intake of food still lower than normal, not yet gaining back to my original weight. I still have certain hormone induced food cravings that are not so healthy (i love sweet & sour taste food), and I’m supposed to eat more vege and nutritious stuff already but I feel averse to most vege except like corn; to due to hormones…I usually love vegetables . I’m worried baby not getting balanced nutrients from my diet as I’m entering 2nd trimester. Is it impt therefore to force myself to eat food I feel averse to if they are good for me? Or will I get better gradually and no need to worry? TIA.

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Super Mum

It’s hard to eat something that the body is averse to. I think it’ll improve in the second trimester when morning sickness eases. In the mean time, are you taking some supplements? Or try a green smoothie, you can add some fruit to give it sweet and sour taste that you like. That may help.

5mo ago

Thank you, yes I’m on pre natal multi vits. I guess that would be a helpful substitute for now.