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Growing up I never have a normal family I was adopeted when I was 8yrs old by my relatives (kapatid ng lola ko sa mother side). They have a tough way of diciplining and showing me how to respect but they are good at it my morals are staright now. There are some judgement sometimes in how and why they do what they do because as a child I wasn't able to fully grasp the Idea of violence. Maybe they have been a bit violent when they get mad I always thought it's just a bit extereme that it taunt my life till now. I know I have some issue over my personality I never know what and over time I thought I'm just normal not until I realize when I'm alone and stress I turn to think of suicide and how to end my life until I pray to GOD. I became close to GOD out savior and everytime that happens I learn to pray in deep. The thing is I know I have some mess up mind but nevertheless GOD is GOOD and GOD is there. Now that I will have a baby I only want him to be close to GOD and have good morals in life. Thank you for reading a story of parts of my life remember eat,love and pray GOD IS LOVE???

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Maswerte padin kayo sa sitwasyon mo unlike iba.

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Good for you..