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Does anyone feels like out of place or there's no constant atmosphere when couples lives with the in-laws in one house? Just curious because I lived in my in-laws once then I had this feeling like his family's always observing my movement and it makes me feel that all my movements are wrong to them even if they're not saying anything. Like for example: when the child's father isn't around for 4 hrs and so on so forth then the atmosphere changes fast that I can feel the negativity and a bit hot surrounding around me.even if the weather's cold. Because it all started when I was 6 months preggy, it was early in the morning when I heard my MIL says my name just once in low tone of voice while talking to her daughter because they thought that I'm not awake yet but then, when they saw me walking towards the cr in distant they stopped and a minute later my MIL walks outside like nothing happened. I don't know what to do, because whenever my hubby is at home my MIL treated me well and talking some stuff about life but when his not around my MIL doesn't talk to me, when she does its only one sentence like: "you done eating?" and after that it's like "ah ok reaction". What's the problem? Am I the problem because I didn't finish my studies yet? (Because all my hubby's siblings are already a degree holder also him) Because if they hate me by not having a degree I guess I'll have to rush my studies by shifting easier course. If that's what they want for the sake of my own. I don't know what to do, I feel like I'm starting to hate them but I don't want to express it. I don't want my hubby get hurt cuz I know he knows better than me because it's his mother and his her son. I'll have to carry this burden in me but couldn't help myself anymore that's why I need some advice maybe by this, I can have some peace of mind and start collecting something that could help me coop up the main problem and start solving or correcting what's the error. I really need your advice momshies, appreciate it a lot thanks in advance.

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build your own home. leave and cleave is the best answer. 🙂. . rent a small house and start from there.