Not So Easy

Being a mother is not easy. I have a lot of responsibility. Sometimes I get tired and sick.. But I always think positively.. Becoz I have a child that always needs me.. Now that I am pregnant! Its very hard for me to taking care of my eldest child..i am a single mom.. And I can say I am strong.. Becoz I can be a father and a mother to my children... I'm happy becoz I have them.. And I know God has a plan for me why I am here in this situation... I thank God becoz he gave me a beautiful gift and thats my children. I don't have a good life in my childhood..but I will do my best for my children to have a happy and good life..

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I can relate! Single mom here too to my kulit toddler. Mahirap but with continuous prayers and trust in the Lord then support also of loved ones, kakayanin natin. Nanay tayo eh. I believe God made us single moms for a purpose. 😊