I am Tamara, 19, Studying Bachelor of Science in Nursing, i was once an Optimistic and simple girl until i turn to a Lady. a lady that has been experienced all bad things in the world, that is how i identify the adolescent stage. it is very stressful and depressing. i've been in many struggles but i never gave up. because i know, everything will be alright again and that was just a challenges that is just molding me to become a better and tougher version. my family was almost falling apart, my studies has been affected and im still making it until now... to do my ret demos it was very stressful they wanted me to leave my partner until i discovered my pregnancy, until now, it is still hard to tell to my family. my partner is helping me to make this, he is always beside me and comforting me teasing me , providing the vitamins that i need, everything so i know, i'm still blessed. i have my parents that they don't even have an idea, still comforting me and supporting me i have my siblings, i have my Dean and Clinical instructors that is helping me to pursue my dreams, they don't even judged me. i have my friends and is still caring even we can't able to see each other. i have my Fiance that is willing to sacrifice everything, just to support and love me my very best, my first and greatest love of my life. the father of my future angel, my future family, my future Tom. I Love you. and specially the little heartbeat inside me. my love. and God. so, do i still have a reason to give up? no.. they just gave me reasons to fight and to do more. so today, welcome back self;! the optimistic me : but stronger and more dedicated me. i love you, self. you can do this! you will do this!

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Congrats mumsh sa little one mo. Mas gagaan ang loob mo kung magtatapat ka na sa family mo lalo na kung paninindigan ka naman pala ng bf mo. Mahirap kasi malaman nila sa iba pa. After all, magulang mo sila matatanggap nila yan apo nila. Madami naman napagsabay ang studies at family life. Hard work at perseverance lang talaga.

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very well said and goodluck po