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Greetings Mummies/Daddies, My LO is turning 6 mths in 2 weeks time. How do you introduce food e.g puree, cerelac, porridge into their milk schedule. And how often do you feed yr LO these food and how do you squeeze this in your milk schedule and what’s the appropriate amount in each feed. My LO is currently drinking 120-150ml of milk every 3hrs. Many thanks in advance

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Start with one ingredient at a time, for at least 3 days to observe if baby develops allergy. And ideally during the day so if there's allergy you can seek for medical attn. We started with mixing cereal or puree with breast milk. A meal a day and gradually 2 meals. Main nutrition still comes from milk for babies below 1yo, so ideally solids shouldn't replace their milk feeds, although some babies may take in much less milk when they started solids. For my LO, she still wakes up every 2-3 hours for milk feeds at night so we are not too worried that the amount of milk she took during the day reduced by half the usual amount.

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Hi mummy! Here's the first food I gave my baby. Rmb the 3 days rule, to test for allergies. I have some recipes if you don't mind you can check out my ig @MummyJLife. Hope it helps 😊

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Alrite, thanks for the recommendation👍🏻😊

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Hey! My LO is 9 months old now.. At 6 months, we started with avocado + BM, pumpkin + BM.. those safe foods.. 1 meal after her noon nap, half hour after milk. So she is not too hungry or cranky but not too full too.. Now at 9 months, my LO has 2 meals a day. Breakfast + lunch.. soon we will let her have dinner too!

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B4 their milk. Mix with milk so at least Some familiar taste for them.