Hi all, need some advice. My little one is now 14 months and doesn’t like solid food anymore. He prefer formula milk than food. How do I make my LO to take more food than milk? Do you have any good easy recipes? Thank you in advance.

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I don't have any suggestions for recipes, but perhaps you can try offering more variations and variety? It wasn't mentioned what you are preparing for solids, but maybe try something different - pasta, noodles, rice, porridge, soups, dumplings ... anything you can think of! In fact, you can offer him whatever the family is cooking - but maybe prepare with less seasoning or just separate his portion out before adding any. If you can, also prepare a few different items and offer it in a plate with separate compartments so LO gets to choose what he wants to eat from the plate :) At 14 months old, LO should be having more food because food is now the main source of nutrients - not milk. See whether you can cut down on the milk intake, and don't offer milk immediately when LO rejects because you're telling LO that if you don't want to eat, there's an immediate back-up plan - kids are smart so they won't starve themselves :)

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Hi, I would suggest try making some varieties ? Kids sometimes get attracted to changed food :) Try making different flavours of pastas, porridge

You could try making the food more tastier. Thought your LO is still young. He will eat solid food in time.

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Maybe try cereals and add his formula milk inside as well...?

Thank you!