Choosing the right primary school

So as the title of this post says ‘Choosing the right primary school’ My girl is 6 this year and she will be in primary 1 next year. I started looking at schools when she’s 5 (not sure if it’s early or late). Im staying in the north region and have my eyes laid on Ai Tong Primary School. I choose this primary school for my girl because it also focus on the arts of the child which my girl likes. So I feel that it will be a good fit for my girl. I’m staying near the school but not near enough to apply for the school. So…… I decided to move to stay nearer to the school. Really hope that my girl will be able to get into the school. Leave me a comment, let me know how do you select the right primary school for your child and will you move house just to get your child in that school of your choice? #1stimemom #growingup #schooling #education

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For me priority is distance. When I moved to my current house, I didn't think of school at that time (9 yrs ago) but then I'm glad I chose this house because it's just next to a pri sch and about 10 mins walk to a sec sch. 3 of my children went/goes to the same pri sch and my eldest went to the walking distance sec sch. I only thought of distance when I chose the sec sch for my eldest but I let him choose the ITE that he wants to go for his course. When 2 of my pri sch kids have graduated and had to choose a sec sch, I chose the one with the CCA that they are interested in. I let them choose the schools and then we discuss which is much more nearer + the CCA they want. I don't go for a good school. I prefer distance than anything else because if anything happens like when they're sick, I can quickly go and fetch them home w/o travelling. Happened alot of times already. Fever, fell down, etc 😬

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Thank you for sharing how you select school for your kids. It’s a good point to taken into consideration that in time of emergency when the child needs you in school, staying near is indeed a benefit. 🥰

Education is the most important part of a child’s life, whether he decides to become a doctor or a teacher. When choosing a primary school, it is important to consider the location of your children and the kind of school they’d prefer to attend. Since primary schools differ in terms of their location, different types of schools may be of different quality in different parts of the country. You can check to manage your education assignment. This article is intended to help you determine which school is best for your child.

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Choosing the right primary school is vital, as it can affect the rest of your child's education and life. Also you can get proessaywriting review from to get reliable info easily. Your child may be in the same class at their first school, but the following year they could be taught by different teachers. If this happens, you may have to try to select a secondary school that fits your child's needs better.

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I think ease of getting to school will be most important. With kids school starts so early, i really pity kids who need to wake up at 6am just to go to school on time. They should be given more time to sleep and develop.