Just need an outlet to rant. As if mummy guilt is not enough, people have to add in comments about poor baby, have to go school for the whole day and no one to take care at home. so heart pain. But honestly, sending my baby to school also means learning a lot of other things like social skills etc. LO looks forward to school, misses school, and reaches for her educarers when she reaches school. She doesn't cry the roof down when she goes school n is happy there. What exactly is so poor thing about enjoying school and learning things from a young age? Both parents r working for a better future for the LO, not as though I'm a SAHM and still choose to send LO to school so that I can kiao ka at home? I know they may not mean it, but really wish they can be abit more sensitive when they say such things. Or if there's any hidden message, I'll so much rather they tell me what they want.. Sigh... ?

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haha same here! i put my daughter in infant care at 4mo and stranger aunties will say that aiyooo so poor thing so small go school etc...u not heart pain ah?? but we dont have any better choice isnt it? and i also agree tt putting to school earlier really benefits them alot compared to putting at home with grandparents or helpers who will only keep making them sleep/watch tv..dont even teach as much as in school. so i really ignore those comments. on the other hand i am really glad i sent LO to infant care rather than having grandparents to look after as they really try to give her alot of "junks" like play w their hp....watch tv.....take pacifier as and when without any reason. my lo quit her pacifier in sch at 8mo as sch dont really encourage. i am ok to give for naps or sleep but grandparents always wanted to give! so i witness for myself and secretly happy that i sent lo to infant care :)

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Hugs, mama! Those people are insensitive idiots for judging you for sending your kid to school. And it doesn't make sense to judge! Your choice to send kid to school, not theirs - and obviously you're seeing positive results out of it in your kid, so why stop sending her to school, right? Your best revenge toward those people is to post photos of how happy your kid is in school - and how happy you are that you get that break from being a hands-on mommy. There is definitely nothing wrong with wanting time for yourself because, duh, everybody needs time for themselves to rest, recuperate, maintain their sanity. Don't let the negative comments put you down.

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I'm used to such judgement already. Simply annoying! When passerbys esp aunties saw my kids in uniforms they will say aiyo so young go school ah! Nobody can take care for u meh? Y u dun get Maid? I always reply them, Aunty ah! It's good to send kids to sch early for more exposure! They learn more things and they r more independent! Look at my kids, aren't they smarter!

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I choose to put my tod into school since he was 19mo.. I get comments like these too my ans to them has always been "it's better he goes to school and learn from professionally trained teachers with peers his age then to stay at home and watch TV all day..no?" Throw the qus to them and see them going speechless

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Same.. Me too.. I oso feel tat going to sch for LO is gd like wad u say.. I oso received insensitive remarks and comments.. Both of us need to work.. If not how to survive.. I chose to ignore these ppl. Juz carry on wif wad u think itz best for urself.

Except for the falling sick part, i think babies who started infant care early are really much better in their motor skills and all! So dont worrh about the comments

It's easy for people to comment and say what they like. With smart mouths shooting off, maybe those who pass such remarks should offer their help?

whether or not you are a working or stay home mom. the child should go to school. what do they expect a child to stay home and do?