enrichment class to stop till 30 April

Are you ready to do elearning with your child at home? Do we have a choice to reject elearning and ask for alternative as what we wanted is coaching by the teachers in classroom. Paying premium prices like $50 a class in berries but they force you to accept elearning during the closure. I would prefer postpone of class as i feel my preschooler will not sit still in front of the screen and i personally have to sit in with him thruout. Maybe it works well with primary school children as they already have elearning in school already And many other reasons, if i wanted elearning there are many free sources. .....what do you think? At this kind of time, the school still want to earn your money? Or do what an educator should do

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each centre handles the current situation differently. tien hsia postpones.

Hmmm i do agree that elearning works better with older kids.

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Do they refund you?