Does anyone know at what age do kids have their full set of baby teeth? My toddler has been putting her fingers into her mouth lately - could she still be teething??

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A full set consists of 20 milk teeth and finishes sprouting when the child is about two to three years old. She could be using her fingers to relieve the pain in her gums.

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Thanks, Juliana. I wonder when their full set will be completed as she didnt used to do that when she was younger. strange! or maybe she's just trying to explore :P

She might be as the molars are the last few to erupt. They usually do not drool by that age but they may experience discomfort and try to soothe in other ways

Kids will have their full set of teeth by the age of 2-3 years old and if your toddler is still below the age of 3, she might still be teething.

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Well it depend on individual.. My baby is 11 months and he is almost having full set of teeth.. The back teeth is erupting soon..

You didn't tell us how old your but is. Last tooth is about 33 months old! :)

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Around 2 to 3 year old to get full set of baby teeth.