Hunger cues

I dont know what is my baby's hunger cues. She just turned 3 months. When she cries & time for feed, i gave her the bottle and she cried murder. So i tried putting my finger at the side of her mouth, she shows interest in milk but when i feed her, she cried murder again. It's already the 4 hourly mark. When i gave her the pacifier, she wants that and sleep instead. I'll wait for her to wake up & pray she wants milk. This has been going on for weeks. Help? #1stimemom

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There was a period of time I had this issue also. So what I did was to give pacifier first and if my baby continues to cry then I will make some milk for him. I also on demand, so if he doesn’t ask for it then I let him be. There will be days he drinks so much lesser but also days so much more.