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My nurse say don't give nestum to baby.. Give natural food.. Like porridge mix with vegetables... Because she is not really eating then I started to reduce the amount of porridge.. But my mother in law ask me to give nestum(cerelac) because she is not eating properly... What should I do???

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The nurse is right.i made mistakes with my 1st born child.she became a really fussy/picky eater.back then i gave her cerelac n other baby food at the i know with my 2nd child i should give my baby real,natural food.

Bgtau your mil.. process food tk elok.. tinggi gula.. baby bleh jd hyperactive atau obese.. mknn natural lebih byk khasiat.. berat naik tak semestinya sihat..

Bg food yg kita masak sis. Nestum tu tinggi gula. Kdg ada bayi xserasi, takut sembelit. Sis follow je meal plan yg nurse suggest.

just follow the nurse advised.. processed food contains sugar and preservatives. not good for babies under 2 years especially.

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Just give plain porridge with Vege/fish..don't give nestum

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Listen to the nurse