Gave birth about 12 hours ago - have not passed motion yet. How painful is it going to be? Had a natural tear which required stitches.

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Congratulations! I had a first degree tear with minimal stitches. I also had the same concern as you and was very worried when it was time to poop. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded and poop was actually not painful. Peeing was a bit more painful because the urine touched the stitches. Some doctors prescribe stool softeners, but you can also eat more fibre to soften the stools before trying.

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First of all, congratulations new mummy! I had a natural tear too, and my son was 4.3kg when he popped out so you could imagine my fear to go to the toilet. I only pooped towards on the 2nd day but only after the nurse said that she would have to stick medicine up in me to make me go if I don't

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My friend had the same fear. She had her first bowel movement a day after birth. Wasn't painful for her and didn't tear any stitches. As a precaution, she did drink plenty of fluid and had some fruits and vegetables (for fiber). Hope this helps! Congrats by the way!! :)

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Congrats!! You can ask gynae to prescribe stool softener for you so you won't feel painful during passing motion. The stool texture will be smoother after consuming stool softener. It helped me alot during initial days to relief the wound pain after delivered my baby.

Congrats ..Stool softer n take yo time on de potty....nice n slow will do it especially fo de 1st stool after birth n wit stitches.. GoodLuck

It was quite painful for me. Gynae would have prescribed stool softener. Take that cos it helps

Based on your next question, I would assume you have given birth; congratulations!!