2nd degree tear

Dear mummies, few days ago I gave birth and had a second degree tear. Please share your recovery period and what to look out for. I would like to know if there’s things I should take note about and how to do things better.

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Idk what degree tear am I but according to my husband, my tear was almost near my anus already. I didn’t use Epson salt or those donut ring . All I did was to use Dettol to wash the area (my friend told me it will speed up recovery). By the first week I am able to walk and function as per normal (first 3 days I was waddling but still can walk just that I scared). Sitting wise try not to cross your legs, when pooping, don’t strain. Let it come naturally. Remember to wash the area every time you pee/poop and keep the area clean then pat dry and apply medicine. If you’re feeling better down there already, do kegel exercise. Above is mine and may differ for individuals.

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Gave birth in Feb 2024. I did sitz bath to soothe my area, it sped up my healing process as well. I sat on donut ring, eased a lot of uncomfort. I used peri bottle as well, fill it with warm water and spray my area while peeing, it helps with diluting my pee. After pee/poo, cleaned myself, I used Earth Mama’s perineal spray. I felt constant soothing in my area after using it, I went through 2 bottles. Haha. Take stool softener, helps a lot! My gynae prescribed me with vitamin C, to help with my healing as well. Good luck!

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Being a new mother, it's difficult to find time for self-care. However, please don't forget to change your pad or pee every few hours! Don't want to risk another infection when your stitches are still healing. Other than that, the stitches heal differently for different people. First week will be uncomfortable and will hurt too when you sit. Find a comfortable lying position to be in when you can't sit or too tired to stand. By the second week, your body would already be feeling better! Tahan a bit more! 💪

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I had an episiotomy done. Couldn't sit well for almost 2 weeks, but had no issues peeing or pooping. I bought donut ring cushion but didn't work for me. Doctor gave me salt and and a sitz bath basin to use twice a day. That one worked well for me. Try not to sit cross legged or spread your legs wide apart. If you need to walk or move try to kiap your legs together and move them at the same time 😂😂 Oh and I bought a peri bottle on shopee. It's very gentle and it's great for washing your privates 😊

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Mine was episiotomy. Took about 2 weeks cos I’m allergic to painkillers but if you can take then it should be much bearable. Used diy frozen pads, pure aloe Vera gel on overnight pads, felt much better! And bought donut cushion to sit on

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My gynae prescribed some numbing gel as well

I ate painkillers, wore cooling pads and did sitz bath with epsom salt twice a day (about 20-30mins)! Took 2-3 weeks to fully recover.