A friend of mine is a bit worried about security reasons as times have really bad especially for a girl who travels alone. Her daughter travels to college sometimes in rickshaw or cabs with a college friend who lives nearby her area. This friend is a boy and very chivalrous. He ensures that he drops my friends daughter to her home first and then goes home. But my friend worries that something shouldn't go wrong in their daily commute. The horrors we daily face of molestation, rape, robbery and murders are scaring her to the point of putting a lot of restrictions on her daughter. What tips can she give to her kid for helping her remain guarded?

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We always ask our kids to be alert, your friend also should ask your girl to be alert at all times. She should keep her eyes and ears open and be at safe zones. If possible, she should carry a pepper spray with her. Her parents and friends numbers should always be at speed dial. We cannot restrict our daughters from living a normal life and also enjoying their life.

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