Fishy question. 10th month old has been quite difficult when it comes to eating fish. She takes a couple of mouthful wif porridge and dats it. Ive tried ginger/ marinate wif lemon/ cook with pear to get rid of e fishy smell. No use. I tried pan fry coated with baby biscuits. No use. What else can i do? Thank you!

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Try making fish with other dishes. Fried fish with pasta, or fish fingers are a good way to introduce as well.
sesame oil
maybe you can share what are the types of fishes you have tried?
don't give up, it doesn't take them just a few tries. try other mild tasting fish, what about fish nuggets, fish mashed with carrots and potatoes.
Hi sometimes babies do not like certain food initially but they may change their taste later on so do keep trying a variety of fishes. What types have you given her? You steam the fish separately from
Hi maybe you try other fish. My gal hates threadfin too because honestly even I think it smells fishy. But she loves her salmon and cod fish though. I have noticed that for fish my gal prefers to eat it hot, so I will always make sure I try to feed her as much fish as possible before it gets cold and before she gets too full from the porridge itself