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Dear momas n papas, What is a good overnight diapers you would recommend? My 20month old has been using drypers drynights since forever and it seems like they stop production alreay? 😭 What would be
Mamy poko air fit or huggies platinum, merries.
I would vouch for mamy poko pants or pampers.
Try MamyPoko Pants or Huggies...
Night time we use Pampers swaddlers overnights and Huggies overnites from US. Both equally good. I have checked and saw Qoo10 sell both
Mamypoko airfit pants, super absorbent and good material!
Hello! 1. Can i check ask if it is needed to apply sunblock for 12month old if i take her swimming? 2. How long can they play in the water? 3. And lastly, where do i buy disposable swimming diapers
1. Yes, best to apply sunblock for them. My kids use la roche kids sunblock 2. Usually 30 mins. Please ensure your child is not too cold, or lips turn blue etc 3. You can buy them at NTUC or Mother
1. Yes you can apply sunblock for them. I am using Biore Kids Sun block. 2. For a start, i would go for 30mins of play time. 3. You can gt those swimming diapers from supermarkets or kiddy palace
Hi mamas and papas Can I check how much formula does babies take at 12 months? And could you share your child's daily feeding and nap schedule? Thank you!
sorry I forgot to add in milk during nap time and in the evening before dinner. then milk before he sleeps.
8+ am - milk 10+ am - milk n nap 1+ pm- lunch 4+ pm- nap (sometimes with milk sometimes no) 7pm - dinner 9pm - slp
my personal schedule wake up 7am stroll 8.20am. milk 9am nap 9.30am wake up 10.30am lunch 11.30am afternoon nap 1.30pm wake up 3.30pm shower 5pm dinner 6.45pm bedtime 8.30pm
By 1, main nutrition for toddler should come from food rather than formula. In order for the child to eat proper meals, it is important not to overfeed milk. I would say not to exceed 3x240ml of milk
Fishy question. 10th month old has been quite difficult when it comes to eating fish. She takes a couple of mouthful wif porridge and dats it. Ive tried ginger/ marinate wif lemon/ cook with pear to
Try making fish with other dishes. Fried fish with pasta, or fish fingers are a good way to introduce as well.
sesame oil
maybe you can share what are the types of fishes you have tried?
don't give up, it doesn't take them just a few tries. try other mild tasting fish, what about fish nuggets, fish mashed with carrots and potatoes.
Hi sometimes babies do not like certain food initially but they may change their taste later on so do keep trying a variety of fishes. What types have you given her? You steam the fish separately from
Can i know which part of a chicken should i buy to steam for my 10 month old who hasnt tried chicken before? And how long should i steam it for to make sure it is fully cook yet not overcook?
I give my 10 months baby girl the whole drumlet or drumstick which she enjoys a lot especially during the teething period.
boneless, skinless breast meat. recommend sakura chicken from fairprice finest. its antibiotic free. Steam for about 15 mins. You may store your prepared chicken baby food in the refrigerator for