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Hello, first time mother here. So yesterday evening had my 38 weeks + check up at SGH and doctor has checked that I was around 1 to 2 cm dilated already. Doctor has suggested to do induced labour for me tomorrow which means today as I write this post. This is due to the reason of low fetal movement. After doing heart tracing, heartbeat is all okay, had 3 to 4 contractions in 10 minutes which honestly I didn't knew or felt. That's another reason why doctor wanted to induced because I can't count or feel my contractions. Doctor fear that I might have stillbirth which would then be too late. I want to do natural delivery and seeing the posts about induced being more painful scares me. I am only 24 years old and my husband is also worried but he also thinks its the best for me and our baby cause either way, both can end up on emergency c sect for natural and induced as advised by my gynae. Anyone can share their experience on induced labour and what I should do? Any advises? Doctor eventually told me, it is up to me to decide whether I choose induced or wait it out for natural delivery. I am conflicted and scared. I don't know what to do.

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Hihi, I was induced at 39w5d, and was also 1 to 2 cm dilated then. I'm a FTM too, so I don't know if it's more painful than without inducement. Sharing with you my rough timeline of natural birth labour progression, hope it will help. 0745 checked in and changed etc 0815 doctor came to burst water bag 0915 put on oxytocin drip 1200 requested for epidural 1255 5cm dilated 1345 8cm dilated 1700 about 10cm dilated. Pushed into delivery ward (due to the crowd that time in TMC, I was in observation ward firsr? 1750 baby born (: Of course everyone will have different experience. Just wanna let you know there are not so bad cases out there. I will advise to trust your doctor, and just opt for epidural if you cannot take the pain. Jiayou mummy!

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I was 3cm dilated at 38 weeks and was advised induction by my gynae due to low foetal weight... I asked for no pain management at first but the contractions pains became unbearable after 3 hours so i opted for laughing gas... But it did not belp much so i eventually took epidural... within 5-10 mins all the pain was gone.., i felt very relaxed for the rest of my delivery and dilated to full 10 cm 3 hours after taking epidural... my baby was out in 3-4 pushes... So do not worry, follow what your doctor says. Induced normal is better than c section.. You always have the option of taking epidural... All the best momma 😊

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Induced labour is way more painful as compared to spontaneous labour. I opted for epidural but was denied as I was only 1cm dilated when the contractions were 3min apart. Finally got epi 8 hours later at 2.5cm dilated & dilation progressed very well after, within 1.5hr after epi I was ready to push. While the the pain is still bearable for you, suggest you to do some light squats or try walking around. After getting your epidural try to sleep because dilation process better when you are relaxed😊 Jiayou!

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All my children were induced. Honestly it was extremely painful so for all 4 of them, I opted for epidural. As much as my high tolerance for pain but I gave up on contractions pain. It was a life saver! Also it helps me to dilate faster. My labour time was between 6 hrs for the first 3 and 12 hrs for the 4th. Do listen to your gynae. They know what's best and better option for you and the safety of your baby. All the best mummy & congratulations in advance!

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after you get induced, pls do more squats and walk around, during labour,ask for epidural if you can't tolerate the pain. Induction increase the chances of getting out through natural birth instead of emergency c-sect. All the best and congratulations in advance, mum-to-be! 😊

I'll advise you to listen to your gynae . I was also induced at 39 weeks . Definitely felt so much pain , but I opted for epidural , which was a life saver !

I have no induce experience but I’m here to wish you well and you can do it mummy!❤️

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I had epidural for induced birth and it was OK.. prepared for it so not so scary