Anyone induced their baby at KKH?

Hello! I'm a ftm, currently at week 39 +4. Was wondering if anyone did induction at kkh? My EDD is on 18 August, and my gynae suggested for Labour to be induced on 18th when I go for check up. Do I have to go home and wait for contractions? or will I be at the hospital straight away already? Not sure if I have to bring my hospital bag for the check up! And I heard induction of labour is usually more painful than natural labour because of the stronger and more frequent contractions 😥#advicepls #1stimemom

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Depends on what type of induction? Your gynae should have advised you. But usually if it’s a scheduled induction, you will be admitted already. So yes need to prepare ur hospital bag. From then on it’s a waiting game for ur body to be in labour. Pain wise, quite subjective. I’ve heard moms who got induced and delivered naturally couldn’t tell the difference in pain. To them both also PAIN!! Haha

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My gynae said she will insert a pill in but didn't advise on whether I need to go home or stay at the hospital. Thank you so much for your reply! appreciate it! Will bring my hospital bag along then 😊

hI doctor k.k women and children hospital please so now my wife 8months pregnant yes thank you very much doctor