Induced Labour @ 37 weeks

Hi mummies I have consulted my doctor & he informed that i might need to go for induced labour after 37 weeks because my baby is small .. They decided that it will be safer for baby .. Anyone went through induced labour instead of natural? How was the experience?

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Hi! I was induced at my 40 weeks cos my baby doesn't want to come out. My experience when being induced was ok for me. After the nurse inserted the pill at midnight, i felt the contraction around 4 plus in the morning and i endured it for few hours till i asked for laughing gas (which is not helpful) and epidural at the later part. We will all go through different ways. Anyway all the best and safe delivery ya!

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My gynae told the same to me for the same reason. I will be induced in a week at 37w3d. Baby was 2kg at 35w2d and the AC was at 2 centile, so gynae advised to go for induced labour next week. Hope you and your baby are doing good after an year now. I'm hoping everything will be alright, but still worried tho as a FTM with GDM.

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My baby was very small size too, and doc also recommend me to induce my baby out at 37 weeks. But I choose not to as it better for baby to stay inside longer . But baby decided to pop out at 37 week day 1 😂 She was only 2.1kg when she’s born.

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Hello there! I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant and baby weighing 2kg. Doc planned to induce her if thr are no changes to her weight. Really worried :(


my baby’s weight didn’t increase at all from week 36 to 38, the scan show baby’s weight is 2.5kg (+ - 300g) my gynae suggested induce but i ended up csec as my body didn’t react to induction. my girl was born 2.7kg. haha