First pump of the day - last pump was 3 am. Is it normal one side hs so much more than the other?

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Yup, like what the other mummies said, it is common to have more milk in one breast than the other. The difference could be due to different reasons such as lower glandular tissue content in one breast, baby’s preference, mother’s preference, or previous breast surgery or injury. Unless this difference is bothering you, you can actually just let it be. Otherwise, you can try to increase the supply on the other side by: - starting baby on the side with the lower supply first (switch to the higher supply one once the first side is soft) - nursing on the lower supply side twice as often (i.e. nurse on the lower supply side for two feedings, the higher supply for one feeding) - pump the lower supply side for 5-10mins after some feedings - add in an extra pumping session each day for the lower supply side You can refer to this article for more information:

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It's normal. Sometimes there's one side which produces more milk than the other. We call the boob with lower supply the "lazy boob". The supply will regulate with time, so don't worry about it. Keep the supply up by constantly emptying your breasts and eating healthily.

Very normal. U rarely get both sides with the same amount. There is one side which is known as lazy boobs. Not to worry abt it. So long as u keep emptying both boobs, everything will b fine. Congrats and jia you in establishing and maintaing yr supply.

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Yes, it is normal for me as well. I can pump more for my right side of breast. I think it is due to my baby latches more frequently on my right side and also due to there are more milk ducts for my right breast.

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Congrats on the great pumped out amount! That's fantastic for one session. :) And yes it's normal to have more from one breast.

Yup, Normal. Mine also liddat. Congrats on the good supply though!