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I read that I have to pump every 2-3 hours to increase my supply. Currently lo is 1 month old, I am latching him for all feed other than my slping time . I only pump first thing in morning after I wake up. I tried pumping after I latch him but not much milk (maybe less than -10ml?) btw I am also using haakaa to catch letdown while he latch . Is this normal? Also ,to pump 2-3 hourly, do I have to wake up in middle of night to do so too? Or can ‘skip it ‘ and slp thru for 5-6 hrs ?

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Super Mum

I pump every 3-5 hours even middle of the night for the first 2 months. And yes, lower output after feeding. Now i use haakaa while latching but still pump middle of the night if baby doesn't feed

Pump or latch 2 to 3 hourly including middle of the night.