Fever because of teething. How Long does it last? My LO (21 mths) is growing back molars and suddenly develop fever ranging from 37.5-38 degrees. Her appetite also drop.. today is the 3rd day she is having fever..

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Dear mummies, thanks for all your reply.. my lo's fever is finally broken and 2 days back, she started having running nose and cough.. So brought her to see doctor already =)

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Teething is usually low grade that what my pd advise, if above 38 Might be due to teething anymore. Try wearing onions with sock, fever break quite fast.

Does she have any other symptoms like flu or cough?that is usually the cause of the fever not because of teething

Approx 2 to 5 days. But usually fever is caused by viral not directly due to the teething.

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teething fever will usually last till the tooth have emerged.