Urgent help for baby high Fever!

My 15 months old daughter having fever, running nose and coughing since 13/11, went to see doctor in that morning, take paracetamol and coughing medicine. She no more fever in 15/11 and 16/11, but come back strong fever 39.8 at 18/11 evening, so we bring her to KKH Child A&E, the doctor check her urine say no problem, and did swab test also negative result. During we at A&E, doctor gave her paracetamol and we waited for 1 hour the fever go down a little bit to 38 something. 18/11 midnight the fever goes to 40.7 and I gave prufien, up and down at 19/11 whole day, and during ytd midnight, her fever goes to 41.2, I gave prufien again. Doctor say as long as she is active and drink more milk and water, and we only can go back to see her if the fever is continuously for 5 days / she is inactive/vomit. Any parents have similar experience can share? I am really helpless, this is first time she sick not because of injection #babyfever #15monthold #highfever

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You may want to consider to give ibuprofen in between paracetamol, ie 3 hours after taking paracetamol, if temperature is above 38.5 degrees. This is what I was told when children had the same problem. You should also sponge your child to bring down the temperature. Please monitor her temperature closely to prevent fits. You may also want to consider to bring her to this TCM 育国中医https://www.yuguotcm.com.sg/ which is located opposite Kembangan MRT station for tuina (close to massage). It will bring down her temperature. Please note the queue is quite long, preferably call to check before you go. Speedy recovery.

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My son encountered that b4... the key is u give paracetamol after one hour u give ibuprofen.. every 4 hours.. i juz give both wen i see the fever quite high for a day or two.. even doe the fever is down by 38 i will still give both.. n i off the fan let him sweat alot that really help to come down the temperature.. n drinks alot of fluid to prevent dehydration..

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