Water for Toddler

Besides Plain water, can we feed Ribena to 9 months old Toddler? Haven't fed yet but Our little one doesn't like to drink plain water, she is having slight fever at 37.5 degrees, we just fed her Panadol given from Pediatrician. Is there also any reference amount of water a toddler should drink per day? Example, 30 ml?

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9m old is considered baby not toddler. you can try to constant give water even if she doesn't like it. just keep on giving then one day she will be used to it. 😊 don't give any ribena or sweetdreams for their age. beside baby solid food u can give them water. but Milk is a must as its their main nutrients 😊

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3y ago

Thanks, how old is toddler considered? 2 years old?

Otherwise can give diluted juice