My 10mth old lo is teething n has been having fever on n off.. Is it normal? Only her head, neck, body feel hot . her foot feels cold .. Is it normal? Today is 3rd day of fever le .. Just bring her to jb for first time so not sure what is causing her fever.. She having 2 teeth coming out at the same time n a few teeth can b seen 'queuing' to come out le .. Tried wiping her body with lukewarm water also still like that.. Any recommendations on how to make lo drink medicine?

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Hi although many will say babies have Fever during teething at times but some PD will tell you this doesn't happen. In any case I will bring her to a PD and have urine and blood test. Fever without any other symptoms can be a sign of UTI . My baby had that before . To make your lo drink medicine, I just use a syringe and inject into her mouth while she is drinking milk I will pull out the bottle and inject the Med in when her mouth is still slightly open

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well, no choice for her health benefits.. to find out the real cause of uti

If your child is having fever, ideally is to keep her home and rest. Teething fever should be low grade meaning nothing more than 38 degrees. You can give baby paracetamol according to baby's weight but would suggest you bring your LO to see a doctor cos teething fever doesn't usually last so long. I use syringe to feed medicine. Sit upright, hankie on standby, push medicine in from the side of mouth.

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I will use a syringe, Slowly squeeze the meds into the cheeks, have to be firm when comes to feeding meds after all it's for them to recover fast. you can also try some teething gel to soothe her aching gums

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I use a syringe as well, lay her on my arm and tilt the medicine in the cheeks. Saw the nurses at Kk do it. Works fine. Alternatively give toys to distract.