May i know at which stage of teething will cause fever? Will there be fever when the tooth is still growing? I think my LO teeth already out but not fully out. She's having on off fever and poor appetite, drools alot, also starting to cough.

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It's quite common to have poor appetite and drool alot during teething period. You may also experience some loose stools. And if there's any fever, it should just be a low grade fever. Unfortunately there is no set time frame for how long a child will feel discomfort - usually it should just be a few days, but some may experience it longer. How old is your child? Can she take solids yet? During this time, you can try offering some chilled puree or popsicle (made from fruit puree) to soothe her discomfort. Chilled teethers or something chilled to rub her gums is also another option. Otherwise you can also use dentinox teething gel (can buy from kiddy palace or pharmacy) to numb her gums so it's not so painful. However, please continue to monitor for other symptoms - runny nose, high fever, lethargic etc to ensure she is not sick, and just teething.

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My bb started teething today. He is 6 months & 3 days. My MIL said I can buy baoyin pills from eu yang sang. Rub onto bb gums to relieve pain.

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hi, I've read the instructions on the baoyin dan box, it says baby after 1 thn can consume..

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It really depends. My daughter was fine when she was teething. As long as you let your child drink more water etc..It should be fine(:

Actually my gynae says teething will cause fever is a myth...

It really depends on individual

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