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Hi! Any of u felt baby moving/kicking in your bump, but once hubby puts his hands, baby stops? Would love to hear your experiences!

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Hahaha yes! Told my husband that baby prefer mummy more thn daddy 😂 forever so active but whenever the daddy touch, baby stop instantly to the point my husband get so annoyed. Bt recently finally he got to feel baby coz her kicks has been getting more frequent and stronger like having karate party inside there

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Baby has been "wild" since 12weeks. I'm 32weeks now. Its like she's dancing in there, doing the bhangra or smtg. Husband started talking to her since the beginning of second trimester, so she responds to his voice and gets pretty excited by it.

2y ago

Lovely... so nice to hear that!

Hahahha! Yes! But this time he can feel it cos baby kicks are stronger. See even see through the dress or tee shirt im wearing. 🤣

Yess. But not all the time,. Sometime baby will move when my husband placed his hand on my tummy. Baby only wants mummy touch. Hehehe

2y ago

Yeah i joked with my hubby abt baby prefering only mummy's touch haha!

Yes! Everytime.. when i ask my husb put his hand on my bump, baby will auto stop kicking and moving.. 😂

Ur baby is shy. Depends on baby. Mine very responsive to sounds. Get ur hubby to talk to baby often!

2y ago

Thats good for u! Yeah mine probably is... will tell hubby to talk and rub my belly more frequently.

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Me all the time! Is it bcause only mummy is allowed to feel the kicks? Heheheh

Haven really feel lot baby movement yet. Only got some bubble feel. Can't wait.

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Yes! As long as anyone try to feel the movement, my baby immediately stop.

I felt in in my wife bumb it was really active for that 10 mins!