Baby moving // kicking

Baby is active n moving. But when baby daddy is around or trying to feel her kicks n movements baby dosen't move/kick ..why is it so? #pleasehelp #advicepls #firstbaby

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My baby does the same too! She’s always kicking or doing multiple waves but once I ask my hubs to put his hand over my tummy, she immediately stops. There was once where hubs was trying to hear her for the first time…. She gave him a good and hard kick to the face 😂

Hi, Same here! Each time baby kicking/moving & want let daddy feel it also, suddenly baby quiet 😅 but as long as baby still active, moving & kicking daily, its a good sign if baby healthy ☺️

Haha that's cute! Just encourage daddy to talk to baby as well as kiss/rub your belly more often. Don't worry about it :) Congratulations!

same here! one moment the baby is kicking hard then the moment the daddy places his hand on my tummy, the baby stops! naughty baby!

Same! Heheheh maybe baby is shy? My husband talks to baby more often now, and on occasions she let’s him feel her kicks!

Maybe try asking ur hub to rest his hand more gently/ “lighter” works for me.

Me too