Can you feel that you're selfish whenever your MIL take care of your child especially at night? I don't want my son to favour her more when he grow up. Please enlighten me :( I feel bad. Luckily I breastfeed my child so still they give him back to me. Now, he put him to her room. Its the first time and I don't want this to happen again. Please help me. Selfish first time mommy :(

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Haha you're not alone! There are even times that I don't want anyone to look after my baby and that's the reason why I quit my job because I don't want a nanny or anyone to take care of him. But now, I have somehow adjusted. My kids are super close to my sisters but on the side of my in-laws, I'd still prefer that they don't spend time with my son for a long time for some awkward reasons as well. I guess it's normal for any mom to feel that way. :)

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I don't think so. It seems very normal for mothers to be over protective of their children regardless if kay MIL pa yan or kahit sinong tao na hahawak sa anak nya.

I think it depends on your relationship with your mother in law. I know for some ok lang naman, but for most moms, same feeling as yours. Count me in as well! Haha

i think thts normal but then you shud be grateful that your mil is helping you and let you rest at nyt. Not all mil are like that. dnt compete with her

Same feels.. akala ko ako lang..