My baby used to sleep beside me and came looking after me, he clings to me all the time. Now he is about to turn three. We are staying at my parents house. Sudden turndown of events happen, I did not even know what happen or what I did for my child to be far away from me. I as a mother can feel it when no one else can. Others may I say I'm jealous or I was to possessive. No, but the only time I can hold my child too long is when they sleep right beside me. My child don't want to sleep with anymore but clings to my mother his grandma. He used to cry at the middle of the night calling my name, Now he'd cry at the middle of the night looking for my Mom and would want to sleep with her instead of me. It hurts me that I feel my child seems to be far away from me. That fear that he might leave me earlier than expected and might not live with us when we plan to leave and cleave.

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It's really hard to see your baby grow up. Especially when he/she wants to become more independent. Maybe you've been a bit busy lately? And he thinks you don't have time for him? Or maybe he just enjoys sleeping with his lola more. For our baby, he won't sleep unless I sleep beside him. From baby days to preschool, he's like that. So I just made sure that it's our ritual. Maybe you'd like to start a new ritual with him? So even if his lola puts him to sleep, you still have your own bonding time.

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