Do you feel secured whenever you go out with your family these days?

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Hi, Yes, with the kind of incidents we hear and read every single day does make one scared at times, but the thing is that we cannot live in fear. Sometimes, it happens when some incident comes to light, you do feel bad and brood over it, but then as they say, 'life moves on', you also get on to things.

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Even if there was no war on drugs here in Philippines, I still for our safety whenever we go out. I fear road accidents actually. And yeah of course, carnappers, kidnappers, holduppers, etc.

Honestly, no. There's always fear that there might be bad people around us. You'll never know. That's why we try to be cautious as much as we can all the time.

Aww.. not really. Nakakatakot na sa totoo lang. Kung pwede lang sa bahay lang lagi, ganyan ang nararamdaman ko lalo na when I think of my children.

Sadly no :( With the war on drugs plus increased crime nearing Christmas, I'm always on high alert when we're out.